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Beratung Fertigung, Lean Product Consulting

Simulation of the new paint shop

The main topic of this project was the event based computer simulation of the whole sheet metal production and paint shop in Vitoria (ES). In this plant, the V-Class models of Daimler are produced. The simulation results helped to precisely define the new layout of the building as well as the optimization of order sequencing and business continuity planning. By behalf of the simulation, many scenarios could be easily tested and assessed.

Beratung Fertigung, Lean Product Consulting


  • Assessment by means of dynamic simulation of fhe planning of the new paint shop


  • Contents:
  • Reproduction/feature, optimisation of processes and production control by means of simulation, sequence, pulse
  • Production philosophy including connection and pulse
  • Capacity levelling (furnace, post processing, buffer…)
  • Colour sequence
  • Accomplishment of runs by the dynamic simulator eM-Plant


  • Identification of critica variables influencing the performance
  • Input specification for the quotation request of the paint shop
  • Supporting the contractor negotiations

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